About TheSLCTD - How to take care of your bag

Please remember that leather is animal hide and just like your own skin will age and change. It also means it needs to be handled with care. Love your leather bag and it will love you back. While we advise you to be careful with your bag (particularly the suede ones) in rainy weather, there are a few things you can do to make sure the premium quality materials remain in good condition:

The Leather

For the Chiffon Nero Chain Bag, you can use moisturizing hand or face cream, no color please, to maintain the leather. Once in a while put a bit of moisturizing cream on the leather and massage it in carefully. At first the leather will become a bit shiny, after a while it will return to its natural state.

In case of scratches on the leather we would advise to add some more moisturizing cream. Most likely though, the skin will not heal completely.

A mark will remain, however the better you take care of the scar the better it will look after some time.

Please do not use any cream on the Cachemire Sella and Cachemire Elefante bags since this will give stains. To keep the suede in optimal condition we advise to brush the suede from time to time with a natural hair brush.

Your local leather goods repair shop will also be able to help you with all your questions. Commercial products you can find in drugstores will help you to clean and protect your bag at home.

Hardware & Lining

Clean the gold chain now and then to keep it as shiny as it is. Use a dry cloth to wipe the chain and metal bridges carefully. The lining can be cleaned easily. In case make-up or comparable stains occur, use a wet cloth to wipe it clean.

If you have any more questions regarding the care of your bag, please feel free to contact us through contact@theslctd.com.